Xu Hướng 2/2024 # The Secret Of All Day Bombing Hue Only Costs 250 Thousand Vnd # Top 9 Xem Nhiều

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With 250 thousand VND, traveling to Hue you can freely explore the following places:

1. System of mausoleums

With a cool landscape, located in a prime location, the mausoleum is where you can visit and learn about ethnic history for only about 100,000.

Tomb of Minh Mang is located in the middle of the cool hills and mountains. Tomb of Tu Duc has a landscape like a large park with a romantic lake, green pine trees. Especially attracting tourists is Khai Dinh mausoleum, this is the only work in the imperial system of Hue kings with a mixed architecture of East and West.

Khai Dinh’s mausoleum is famous for its 3 murals “hidden life of the dragon” decorated on the ceiling of three middle rooms in Thien Dinh palace, considered to be the most monumental and valuable in Vietnam.

2. Thien Mu Pagoda

After the king mausoleum complex, Thien Mu pagoda is worth a visit. The poetic pagoda is located on the green Ha Khe hill, beside the beautiful green Perfume river. Looking down from the pagoda yard is the Perfume River gently drifting amidst the immense water. Boats moored peacefully under the dock, waiting for each wave of tourists to visit the pagoda.

The most strange is that the three-leaf pine rows always radiate a fresh green color regardless of the season, dropping their shadows down to cover the cool temple courtyards.

3. Ho Thuy Tien Water Park 4. Thanh Toan tile bridge

If you want to have a life style photo, please come to this bridge. It is only about 8km from the center of Hue city to the East. The rustic and beautiful tile bridge is no less beautiful than the famous Japanese Covered Bridge of Hoi An ancient town . The bridge is not too big, spanning a small, calm river flowing from the beginning of the village to the end of Thanh Thuy village. Tiled bridges are made of wood, roofed with tiles and glazed pipes, this is a rare type of bridge with high artistic value in all kinds of bridges in Vietnam.

Normally, visitors come here not only to see the bridge but also enjoy the fresh air here. Young people come to see the bridge, hear about its history and pose for pictures with ao dai.

5. Enjoy the delicious food of the ancient capital

Cake pressed

In addition to its dreamy and ancient beauty, Hue is also an attractive culinary meeting place that invites souls to explore freely.

Bun Bo Hue

For young people in Hue, pressed cake is an attractive snack every day, affordable price. The pressed cake comes in different versions depending on the place of sale. Egg pressed cakes, tomatoes, scallions or cakes filled with toppings such as pâté, sausages, eggs, meat … all attract customers.

It can be said that this dish is not only famous in Vietnam but also famous all over the world. Most guestsForeign tourists all know this dish because many articles in foreign newspapers, magazines or from famous travel bloggers all mention Bun Bo as an irresistible dish in Hue.

In the morning, in Hue, you can see beef noodle shops everywhere, the price is only 20-30k / bowl depending on the restaurant, but the quality can be said to be free of criticism. This dish has a very unique flavor and color that no dish can get from spices such as lemongrass, chili, paprika, pepper, garlic, onions, fish sauce … A proper bowl of beef noodle soup is a must. a piece of ham, pork ball, pork blood, and a few slices of beef … and most importantly, the vegetables must be eaten fresh.

Alley tea

Hue cake

Tea shops in Hue are usually located in small alleys, so suddenly “Alley Tea” becomes a famous brand. And when it comes to tea, there probably isn’t as many types of tea as in Hue. Only royal tea has more than 36 types, picky from processing to layout. From green bean tea, lotus seeds, pineapple green tea … to the more exotic dishes such as yellow wax tea, areca tea, roasted meat filter tea … Then there are dozens of popular teas such as corn tea, millet tea, tea potatoes, beans … At a tea shop in Hue, you can eat dozens of types without getting bored, but it is impossible to enjoy all kinds of tea here at once.

If you visit Dong Ba market to buy gifts for your relatives, you should try enjoying a plate of cake here. Each cake plate will have all kinds of Hue specialties such as banh beo, wet cake, filter cake, banh nam, a little ram … Any kind of cake is delicious and interesting.

+ Banh beo can be considered as a dish closely attached to the people here, white, thin like a leaf, molded in small, round cups.

+ The filter cake is made from cassava roots, filled with shrimp, fatty meat, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. The filter cake is so loved by other people that every time they come to Hue they buy hundreds of them to bring home as gifts for people at home.

+ In addition, there is another kind of cake is the cake, usually served separately, but not on the plate of cakes. The delightful crust is poured with rice flour mixed with egg yolk, filled with peeled shrimp, sliced ​​grilled beef or bird meat, chopped fat, raw sprouts … and diluted lemon, garlic, chili sauce or sauce .

Delicious Banh Khoai is also thanks to the secret of mixing flour and broth made from more than 10 spices: soybean paste, peanuts, sesame, liver, pork, and shrimp sauce … creating a thick sauce that diners come to Hue could not help but appease.


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Ngo Mon Gate, Hue: Echoes Of The Old Imperial Day

Ngo Mon Gate or Meridian Gate is closely associated with Hue Imperial Citadel, so both expats and Vietnamese locals hold the view that research into this ancient citadel allows further understanding of Hue’s cultures or Vietnamese history. It is widely believed that this gate is such a masterpiece in a number of aspects. Along with Truong Tien Bridge, Stage of Flag, Thien Mu Pagoda, Meridian Gate is considered as the most representative features of Hue City and the Complex of Hue Monuments recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.


I. History of Ngo Mon Gate

1. Construction

Ngo Mon Gate, the main southern gate of Hue Citadel, is regarded as the face of the Imperial Wall and feudal dynasty. Ngo Mon Gate was built in King Minh Mang’s Era- the 2nd king of the Nguyen Dynasty.

In 1833, at the same time with the upgradation of the Nguyen Dynasty’s castle, King Minh Mang built Ngo Mon Gate the main southern gate of the Imperial City. There used to be other constructions on the location, but they were all dismantled for Ngo Mon Gate: in Gia Long Era, there was Nam Khuyet Dai, a sight-seeing pedestal and on the pedestal was Can Nguyen Palace, a sight-seeing place, on both sides of which were two doors: Left Doan Mon and Right Doan Mon.

In 1968, after the battle of Mau Than in Hue, Ngo Mon was severely damaged. It was in 1970 that Ngo Mon Gate and some other works (also damaged) were overhauled.

2. The name

According to Kinh Dich, the King always sit facing south to rule the world. Therefore, the entire Imperial Citadel was built in accordance with the principle of “Toa can huong ton” (Northeast-Southwest) to ensure that. The Imperial Wall has four gates and Ngo Mon is the largest of which, “Ngo” in the gate’s name means south, the direction to which the gate faces. Some people may misunderstand Ngo Mon gate as Noon Gate (since Ngo also means noon in Vietnamese-Chinese), but it should be translated, most closely, into Meridian Gate.

Based on the compass, the south belongs to the direction of “Ngo” on the axes “Ty- Ngo” (north-south), so the name Ngo Mon embraces the meaning of space, direction, rather than time (Ngọ also means noon in Vietnamese-Chinese).

In spite of being the main gate, Ngo Mon Gate wasn’t used much for its refined meaning. It was only used when the King and his convoy went in and outside the Citadel and for greeting important delegates.

3. Function

In terms of function, Ngo Mon Gate is not only the gate of the Imperial Wall but also a  ceremonic gate leading to a pivotal architecture of the Citadel Ky pedestal.

Ngo Mon Gate has witnessed historical events of the Vietnamese history such as the Truyen Lo ceremony (where martyrs who won the Doctor title are acclaimed), Ban Soc ceremony (when the King gave out calendars), Parade ceremony,… The most dignified event that ever took place in Ngo Mon Gate was the abdication ceremony of King Bao Dai the last king of the Vietnamese feudal dynasty on August 30, 1945.

Source: InsightTim

4. Meaning and Values

Existed over the long period of 180 years with the forces of time, nature, climate, and wars Ngo Mon Gate stands firm to this day to become a symbol of Hue.

Ngo Mon Gate embraces the old values of the aristocratic society. Beyond both political and time factors, Ngo Mon has become a symbol of Hue, and will forever be a beautiful image of the ancient capital.

II. Highlights of Ngo Mon Gate

Ngo Mon Gate, a gate constructed in the southern directions, has long been renowned for its massive scale and unique architecture. Ngo Mon is actually referred to as the location of the gate instead of midday or noon translated from some sources. Understanding its true meaning is of great importance as it serves as a hint about the position of Ngo Mon gate in the overall architecture of Dai Noi.

1. Architecture

Ngo Mon Gate is one of the most typical ancient architectural works of Mount Ngu Binh and Huong river (Perfume River) the soul of Hue. In spite of over a century and a half being wartorn and disaster-striken, thanks to skillful construction techniques and arts of architecture, Ngo Mon still stands firmly with the passing of time, and its intangible values remain as precious as in the past.

Ngo Mon Gate, in terms of architecture, is fairly sophisticated. As a matter of fact, it is believed to bear a close resemblance to Ngo Mon Gate in Beijing Palace, but it still clearly reflects Vietnamese national architectural styles. Apart from its peculiar architecture, Ngo Mon is also a venue that reminisces visitors of a long feudal history based on her guide’s concrete instructions.

This building has a very special terrain. Standing on the Ngu Phung Pavilion offers tourists a panoramic view to admire the Hue Citadel as a whole. The most noticeable feature is Flag Tower of which top situated a red flag complemented by a yellow star. This colossal architectural work is considered as a witness of history. On 23th August 1945, the flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was flown for the first time here, representing a break with the monarchy at that time. Looking further inside, you can lead your way in Thai Hoa Palace via a Trung Dao bridge across Thai Dich Lake and head for the Dai Trieu Nghi courtyard.

Ngo Mon Gate deservedly earns a place in the toplist of the best art works of Nguyen Dynasty in particular and of Vietnamese age-old architecture in general. Despite years of ups and downs, as a witness of many revolutionary historical changes, Ngo Mon Gate still retains unique architectural features of primitive times. It is not only a symbol of the ancient capital but also a representation of engineering construction techniques in the past. Ngo Mon Gate is a harmonious combination of domestic and foreign materials and old hands’ skills, which greatly contributed to a well-established architecture for many centuries.

Ngo Mon Gate represents traits of architecture under the Nguyen Dynasty, for it is imbued with national identity and feudal dynasty in ancient times. With the ability to utilize and coordinate indigenous materials skillfully, craftsmen and artisans successfully created a masterpiece perceived as the pinnacle of Hue imperial architecture. Beyond all political and historical factors, Ngo Mon is indeed Hue’s reflection which ingrains in all Vietnamese people’s minds, to say the least.

2. Structure

As regards its structure, Ngo Mon Gate comprises two main parts: the ground level Dai and the upper level Ngu Phung Pavillion. The former resembles a fortress made of brick and stone, whereas the latter has a much more elaborated structure.

The Dai has a perpendicular U-shaped structure, of which the length and the width are 57.77 metres and 27.06 metres respectively. The ground level constructed of brick and stone, together with durable bars made of brass, is nearly 5 metres high, occupying an area of more than 1,560 square metres. This part serves as a firm foundation as it is very thick with an almost vertical slope, enabling the whole structure to maintain its shape over time. Be that as it may, this ground level still brings a stately feeling to its appreciators.

The Dai has five entries in total, each of which is exclusive to a particular position in the dynasty. For instance, the central main entrance (Ngo Mon Gate) was, as far as I’m concerned, reserved for the King only, mandarins, soldiers followed by horses and elephants were allowed to use two small U-shape side entries, and the rest including commoners could only use two outermost entrances. The top of all five entrances looks like a big high arch strengthened by brass crossbars. Furthermore, the exterior is copper foil laminates to add an air of aesthetics to the appearance of Ngo Mon Gate.

Above the group level is Ngu Phung Pavilion Five Phoenix Pavilion consisting of two floors, and the frame structure is entirely made of iron wood with even 100 pillars. The name has its origin from the elegant appearance of the pavilion five phoenixes flocking together.

There are 13 rooms with 5 roofs built in a row. What makes Ngu Phung Pavilion unique is that 5 roofs are divided into 2 lines, each of which is made of 2 roofs. The lower roof is connected, running along the ground level to serve as a shelter to cover the corridor. The upstairs roof is divided into 9 sets including the central roof set Yellow-tiled roof and the remaining eight sets Green-tiled roof. These all factors complement one another in the seemingly impeccable pride of Vietnamese architecture.

I am certain that you will be impressed by Ngo Mon Gate due its architecture which is completely a far cry from the contemporary one. Don’t forget to bring a camera while visiting here because you may want to take some photos of the breathtaking scenery in Ngo Mon gate a part of The Complex of Hue Monuments. During the opening hours, rarely do I drop by without seeing a crowd of people in front of this complex.

III. How to Get to Ngo Mon Gate

As Ngo Mon Gate is one integral part of Hue Imperial Citadel, you must get to this Old Imperial city before reaching this famous destination. Thanks to the Citadel’s bustling vicinity, getting to this place will definitely not be a daunting challenge! You can reach here:.

IV. Facts and Tips

Ngo Mon Gate has been restored to its former glory, and the conservation center of the Complex of Hue Monuments will continue working on research into reliving meaningful past events to provide tourists with an excellent memorable trip.

Visiting Hue affords a great many opportunities of gaining hands-on experience about residents’ life and enjoy the hustle and bustle which is pretty typical of cities in Vietnam. You can drop by some vibrant and bustling local markets and if you feel interested and curious, I will highly recommend Dong Ba Market a very popular one in Hue.

To enter the Ngo Mon Gate, you will have to buy an entrance ticket outside the Imperial City. Each person is required to hold it in hand, enabling an easy control. As a visitor, you should dress politely, not wear underarms or short clothes, especially when visiting places of worship in the palace and sanctuary areas. Regulations state that filming and taking pictures in these places are also not allowed. In addition, do not carry explosives and flammable substances in any circumstances, and smoking is forbidden inside palaces or places of worship.

Hopefully, these fundamental and mandatory things give you an overall view about this tourist attraction. Let’s visit Ngo Mon Gate for a fun trip and the most enjoyable experience.

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The Dish Filter Cake Encapsulates The Heart Of Hue

Flour cake – Hue specialties

Although Hue filter cake is simple, popular, but has the ability to “conquer” the emotions even with the most difficult guests. For the people of Hue to say, the filter cake is simply a familiar snack. However, in the eyes of distant tourists, this is indeed a specialty dish bearing imprints of Hue, making them love and remember the taste.

For the Hue people, the filter cake is simply a gift. Thanks to its own processing along with the ingenuity of the women’s hands, flour cake has long been a name that exists in parallel with typical brands.

Common types of cakes

Normally, there are two types of filter cake, which are banana leaf filter cake and filter cake. There are many people for example that the filter cake is like a modern girl, open and easy to approach, and the flour cake is wrapped in banana leaves like a shy, gentle girl.

Arriving in Hue, after wandering around the dreamy Perfume River, wandering around the landmarks, the sunny and windy street, people often visit the shops to enjoy the famous filter dough. three regions.

Affordable ingredients

Although made of simple ingredients, but not so that the cake becomes less attractive in the eyes of diners. Ingredients include flour, bacon, shrimp and an indispensable part that is green banana leaves. People chopped bacon; Clean fresh shrimp, cut off the head and tail and then take away the dry rim.

Before starting to make the cake, Hue people usually do the filling first. The bacon is just chopped, fresh shrimp cleaned, cut off the head and tail and then brought to the dry rim. After finishing the cake will proceed to knead the crust. This stage, although quite simple, but if you do not have the experience, it will be very hard, it does not even achieve the desired flexibility. The reason is that tapioca flour is a powder that flows easily when mixed with water, and its viscosity is not like glutinous flour or flour. To make the perfect crust, one has to knead the dough first with a little salt, sugar and cooking oil, while kneading it evenly to make it smooth and supple.

After finishing the cake will proceed to knead the crust. To make the right cake crust, people first knead the dough with a little salt, sugar and cooking oil, always have to be very evenly to make it smooth and supple. Then by skillfully, people wrap the cake and steam it, when it’s ripe, it emits a passionate aroma that is hard to resist.

The address to eat delicious filter cake in Hue

Anyone who comes to this ancient capital, in addition to Hue specialties such as sesame seeds, shrimp paste, …, whoever comes to Hue can find them and buy them as a gift, because the cake is very convenient to pack and transport. . To buy it, you can go to Ba Do restaurant located on Nguyen Binh Khiem street, Phu Cat ward, the restaurant is clean, beautiful and the cake is also very delicious. Let’s shop Trung Bo located on To Hien Thanh Street, the cakes here are steamed on the spot, so it’s always hot and delicious.

Many people also choose this rustic cake to bring back after their trip. You can go to Nguyen Binh Khiem, To Hien Thanh, Vo Thi Sau streets … to easily find this specialty cake.

The rustic filter cake, but the aftertaste it leaves is nothing to match. So if you have a chance to travel In Hue, do not miss this wonderful cake. The idyllic and dear Hue always has an attraction that makes tourists miss it.


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Từ khoá: The dish filter cake encapsulates the heart of Hue

Fall In Love With Truong Tien Hue Bridge, The Symbol Of The Ancient Capital

When mentioning Hue city, people will immediately think of the Citadel – Hue Citadel, 10 most famous Hue tombs, Thien Mu pagoda and Truong Tien bridge . This traffic work – Hue famous tourist destination has existed for more than a century. Over the hundreds of years, the bridge has witnessed many changes. Nowadays, Truong Tien bridge has become a tourist attraction of many tourists near and far.

Along with Huong River, Ngu mountain, Truong Tien bridge has contributed to adorn the charming picture of Hue. The beautiful scenes of Hue are always hidden within them the poetic and rare features in other lands. From the graceful Ngu Binh mountain reflecting down the leisurely Huong Giang river to the cornflower season in Hue Citadel , the four-season landscape picture at Quoc Hoc School and especially the poetic scenery of the ancient Truong Tien Hue bridge Connecting the banks of the Perfume River soon entered the poetry and music arts of many artists and artists and was associated with the life of the people of the Kinh people or all those who fell in love with this land.Destination not to be missed when traveling to Hue.

It can be affirmed that Truong Tien Bridge is a symbol of Hue. Even the people of Hue often tell each other: “Truong Tien is the bridge of Hue’s destiny. Going to Hue without going to the bridge is not considered going to Hue, that’s just just passing by Hue… ”.

Although the land used to serve as the ancient capital of a long dynasty in history, has many famous landscapes and famous monuments, the porch bridge across the Huong Giang river until today still retains its taste. an important position in the mind of any Hue people. As for tourists, many people remember the image of the graceful bridge reflecting the river when thinking of the ancient capital.

Where is Truong Tien Hue Bridge located?

If you are planning to travel to Hue and are learning about the destinations not to be missed here, you must definitely note the Truong Tien Bridge on your list. So where is this famous bridge located and how to move it?

The bridge is located south of Hue city. Specifically, the bridge is located in both wards, the south is in Phu Hoi ward, the north belongs to Phu Hoa ward. As the bridge connecting the two banks of the Perfume River, you can easily recognize it from afar.

How to move to Truong Tien Hue bridge?

Truong Tien Bridge was an indispensable part of the ancient capital land.

To be able to reach the famous Hue bridge, visitors can use different means such as motorbike, bicycle or car or even travel by river.

Truong Tien is the first bridge to cross the Perfume River.

If you choose to ride a motorbike or car, you can rent it in a hotel or downtown area. This is also the fastest and safest way to move.

For those who love romance and like to be close to nature and town, you can choose a bicycle or take a boat ride on the Perfume River to go to Truong Tien Bridge. The experience of walking while watching the peaceful scenery and breathing the fresh air of Hue is wonderful and unforgettable.

The best time to see Truong Tien Bridge

Immerse yourself in the poetic beauty of Hue.

Unlike Saigon with two rainy and sunny seasons, the weather in the ancient capital of Hue has a distinct seasonal division. That is why before you start your trip to Hue and visit Truong Tien Bridge , keep an eye on the weather and temperature to have the most convenient and safest travel experience.

From March to August is the time when the average temperature in Hue is quite hot, sometimes up to 40 degrees. But the temperature will be calm in the rainy season, ie from October to January. However, this season occasionally storms happen and the temperature is quite chilly. If you want to come to Hue to enjoy a cool and pleasant climate, you should choose to go from January to March.

The best time to walk around Trang Tien Bridge is from September to November.

With the clear seasonal weather characteristics as above, the best time to leisurely walk on Trang Tien Bridge, watch the romantic Perfume River and enjoy all Hue delicacies at Dong Ba Market on the other side is from September to November. It can be said that this is the golden time to visit the ancient capital because the climate is less rainy now, the temperature is not too hot and less cold than the end of the year, so you will comfortably admire the beauty of the landscape and enjoy the fresh and airy atmosphere.

One of the things that makes the Truong Tien Hue bridge attractive to tourists is also the season when the phoenix blossoms red and blossoming in the corner of Hue. It can be said that the scene at this time is very bright and charming. That is why, despite the hot weather, many people still choose to go to Hue during the phoenix blooming season (after May to July) to see the flamboyant phoenix rows on the banks of the Perfume River.

The blooming phoenix season is also a good time to visit Hue’s iconic bridge.

Especially, the young people who travel to Hue are very interested in taking pictures to check in at the right corner with a crimson phoenix branch, behind the bridge is always associated with the bridge to ask Truong Tien bridge how many spans. Surely the images of the phoenix flowers adorning the beauty of the historic bridge, carved into the serene features of Hue, will always be beautiful and dreamy images that go deep into the hearts of distant visitors.

Long history of Truong Tien Hue bridge

If the people of Hanoi are always proud of the Long Bien bridge over the Red River, the Hue people always refer to the Trang Tien Bridge connecting the two banks of the romantic Perfume River in their country.

Truong Tien Bridge has a long history of formation.

Moreover, this is also the first bridge built in the nineteenth century in Indochina with modern Western materials. This historic bridge is made of steel with a sturdy structure. The bridge has a length of 402, 60m, including 6 steel girder spans in the shape of a comb with a span of 67m each. Initially, the bridge had no pedestrian passageway and the bridge deck was not covered with concrete, but paved with ironboard.

In addition to the number of spans of Truong Tien Bridge , visitors from far away also like to learn about the impressive history of the bridge in terms of both its existence and the restoration, repair and reconstruction. People often mention about events in 1904 – Giap Thin with historic storm caused 4 spans to fall completely into Huong River. Immediately after that, the bridge was repaired in 1906. Then in 1937 under King Bao Dai, the bridge was restored and greatly renovated. At this time, people widen the two side corridors and allow bicycles and pedestrians to flow.

Truong Tien is one of the first bridges built in Indochina.

However, in 1946, the bridge was broken on both sides of the left bank due to the war. Truong Tien Bridge continued to be completely repaired, but collapsed in another historic event and the last time this bridge was restored was in 5 years (1991 – 1995).

Since its inception up to now, the bridge has witnessed many changes in history, ups and downs and many events. This bridge is also a famous Hue tourist destination with many different names such as Trang Tien Bridge, Thanh Thai Bridge, and Clelesmenceau or Nguyen Hoang Bridge. However, the name Truong Tien Bridge is still the most popular. The people of Hue recount that this name appeared in the period when there was a Nguyen Trieu pre-foundry on the opposite side of the bridge. They used it as a bridge name and called Truong Tien until now.

Truong Tien Bridge has many spans?

The historic bridge has been completed many times.

Since its inception in the late nineteenth century – early twentieth century up to now, the image of the ancient bridge silently reflecting on the poetic Huong Giang line has made many people fall in love.

It can be said that at that time, Truong Tien Hue Bridge had the most modern design, technology as well as construction materials. This steel bridge owns a length of 402.60 meters, with a total of 6 span steel girders, each span is about 67 meters long. The gauge is 6 meters wide.

Truong Tien Bridge with six roles and twelve beats competed in poetry and music.

The bridge has entered the poetic music or music of this guest wearer, built in the Gothic architectural style across the banks of the Perfume River. But in fact, Truong Tien bridge has so many beats in the design that only 6 main rhythms, folk and many poets always refer to the image of the bridge with after a few twelve beats as the following lines:

“Truong Tien Bridge is six or twelve times

I could not follow, very guilty dear!

For a long time, famous for accepting

I am far away from you, also because of God so far “

Exactly, this bridge has 6 spans of lagoon and according to the way Hue people call it 6 several 12 spans with one bridge end located in Phu Hoi ward, connecting the other end in Phu Hoa ward.

The most famous and typical bridge of Hue.Truong Tien Bridge used to have many different names such as Thanh Thai, Hoang Cau, Trang Tien.

During more than 100 years of history, Truong Tien Bridge has become a part of the history of the ancient capital with a very special position and fate. Today, although there are many other bridges spanning the Huong River such as Phu Xuan, Bach Ho, Bai Dau … Truong Tien bridge is still the most famous and typical bridge of Hue.

The poetic beauty of Truong Tien Bridge

The image of the deep bridge lying in the shadow of the river, the Hue girls wandering in purple ao dai walking on the bridge, on the other side of the river are glowing with red phoenix flowers, or the night scenery shimmering. The colors of Trang Tien Bridge, … are poetic images, imprinting on the mind of anyone who has visited one of these special virtual living spots in Hue .

Very good check-in place of Hue

The bridge was built of steel, more than 400m long, across the romantic Perfume River.

Truong Tien Hue Bridge owns an ancient and peaceful space, so it is not difficult to understand when it soon becomes an impressive background in virtual living pictures of young people. So if you have the opportunity to visit this place, do not forget to take photos and keep lots of beautiful pictures of Hue. Surely you will get many beautiful virtual live pictures with beautiful views from every angle.

Attractive sights during the day

Check-in is tired and rested with one of the most beautiful virtual living bridges in Vietnam.

Whether participating in Hue tour or planning a self-sufficient outing, come to the ancient capital, anyone who still wants to cross the bridge to watch forever the graceful curved bridge reflecting down the river, sometimes There are boats passing quietly at the foot of the bridge adding beauty to the dreamland scene.

Wander along the pedestrian walkway, you will admire the very beauty of Hue. Trang Tien Bridge not only makes many visitors love it for its impressive beauty, but also brings indescribable simplicity and gentleness. Especially on summer days in Hue, in spite of the blazing sunshine, the image of quietly and peacefully curved bridges on the river makes people feel relaxed and want to slow down a bit.Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street has many interesting activities throughout the day and at night.

Particularly on beautiful weather days, many visitors prefer to walk on the sidewalk for pedestrians to immerse themselves in Hue life, listen to the familiar sounds and images that are daily happening right here. this bridge. Then, if you feel tired and a bit hungry, you can step into Dong Ba market across the bridge or any restaurant to enjoy delicious Hue noodle dishes or attractive Hue tea glasses.

If your Hue trip is relaxing about time, remember to stay at one of the hotels near the Perfume River and spend the afternoon by Truong Tien Bridge to watch the sunset. Because this is one of the beautiful moments on this trip.

The sunset on Truong Tien Bridge over the Perfume River is beautiful.

When the sun gradually sets, the scenery at Trang Tien Hue Bridge sinks into a fanciful, dreamy mist. The whole sky is tinged with bright orange gradually turning to peaceful purple, making visitors just immerse and enjoy. After watching the sky and clouds, let’s turn to the river surface. You will be amazed at the Huong Giang blue green water gradually changing into different shades.

Truong Tien Bridge shimmering at night

In 2002, Truong Tien Bridge was installed with a modern lighting system in addition to the existing lighting grid. From there, every evening, the bridge seems to be dressed in a colorful shimmering shirt, but also extremely fanciful.

Enjoy the scenery and have fun along the river bank.

Many visitors will choose to stand on the bridge and watch the Huong Giang River drifting, listen to the songs of Ca trù Hue echoing in the distance and enjoy the cool, fresh water and water.

Bustling pedestrian street under the bridge

Besides enjoying the scenery, walking and listening to Hue songs on the Perfume River, at night, do not miss the bustling activities on Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street right at the foot of the bridge.

The night market area at the foot of Truong Tien Hue Bridge attracts quite a few people with a lot of souvenir stalls, eateries with all kinds of typical Hue dishes both for guests to eat at night and to buy gifts for relatives and friends. .

Sparkling night bridge together with night market brings dynamic beauty, bustle. You can walk around the night market, watch the colorful bridge, watch the peaceful Perfume River at night, immerse in the bustling business scene and explore the unique cuisine of the stalls here. More specifically, the night market also has a lot of music venues to listen to each other, contemporary art performances as well as impressive human statues for you to take pictures to check chúng tôi photo angle from Truong Tien Bridge is also very attractive.Anyone going to Hue will definitely stop by Trang Tien Bridge.

Late at night, the pedestrian street will become more crowded and extremely bustling different from the inherent tranquility of Hue. If during the day, the scene of Truong Tien bridge is bustling with passers-by, in the afternoon, the atmosphere is quieter, at night, the bridge will be bustling again, attracting many tourists here.

Truong Tien Hue Bridge is not only a traffic route connecting the two banks of the Perfume River but also a famous Hue tourist destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. So, do not miss the opportunity to visit this famous bridge when traveling to Hue.

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Từ khoá: Fall in love with Truong Tien Hue Bridge, the symbol of the ancient capital

The Anniversary Of The Death Anniversary Of Those Who Stayed In The Big City

On the anniversary of the death anniversary, the morning in Hanoi seems to start later than usual. At 9 am, many central streets are still deserted, with little traffic. Many people in the capital compare this morning to Tet days.

Due to the beautiful weather, the sun is not too strong, many people come to the walking street to relax and enjoy the wind. Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hieu from Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh decided to reward herself with a relaxing holiday by going to the old town to have breakfast, and park her car for a walk.

Doan Duc Hai’s group, a teacher in the Cau Giay district, chose to stay in Hanoi to “rediscover childhood” and “find more inspiration about passing it on to students”.

“We decided not to go far, but on the anniversary of the death of the ancestors, we stayed in Hanoi, went around the Hoan Kiem Lake area. In addition to finding our childhood by drinking coffee, eating pho, eating Trang Tien ice cream… we I also want to see if the Hanoians put on their death anniversary shoes and think about going back to the old town area or going to explore other places. The streets are not crowded, the weather is very nice, walking is very comfortable,” he said.

Many families take their children to the street to walk and buy To He. To it costs 20,000 VND per tree with all shapes and designs such as Spider-Man, dinosaur, Princess Cinderella… coloring a corner of the old town.

Because it coincides with Palm Sunday for Catholics, the area of ​​the Cathedral and Ham Long church is more crowded than usual. The Cathedral is currently in the process of completing a renovation, so it has a strange black appearance, attracting many people to check in.

The cafe is crowded with people sitting until noon. It seems that today no one is in a hurry, everyone is leisurely, living slowly.

Trung Thai, 23, spent the morning of April 10 going to Trieu Viet Vuong coffee street to drink a cup of brown ice, looking at the street. “The weather is nice so everyone looks happy. It’s been a long time since I had a relaxing morning and found Hanoi so peaceful and slow. Staying in Hanoi instead of traveling was the right decision.” Thai shared.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the number of tourists going to celebrate the death anniversary of their ancestors is quite crowded in the city center. Right from 9 am, the shop next to the Central Post Office and Nguyen Van Binh Book Street (District 1) had many young people coming to eat, drink and chat.

Meanwhile, the book street is the main attraction that attracts families with young children, young people as well as foreigners. People are not in a hurry, leisurely choose good books for themselves. On the rows of seats next to the bookstore, it is easy to see the image of young children engrossed in reading stories.

Although under renovation, Notre Dame still attracts many visitors to take pictures with the statue of Our Lady. Minh Anh, a student at Van Lang University and a group of friends from Ninh Binh said that this was their first time visiting the church. The group of friends chose this place because they are all Catholic, and feel that the attractions right in the city center are the right choice for a short holiday.

Since the public bicycle rental service appeared, cycling has become a popular activity for many Saigon tourists. The fixed price for car rental is 5,000 VND/half hour and this price remains the same on the anniversary of the death anniversary.

Duong Vo Nhan (District 11, Ho Chi Minh City) and a group of friends decided to cycle to visit the city on all 3 days of the holiday. Dam Sen is the destination on the first day, the second day through Landmark 81 and on the last day will go to Anh Sao Bridge. “This is an activity that is both beneficial for our health and gives us an opportunity to see the beauty of the city,” Nhan shared.

With airy, green space, a cafe next to Bach Dang wharf also attracts young people to have fun.

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Từ khoá: The anniversary of the death anniversary of those who stayed in the big city

Experience The ‘Ede House’ In Phu Yen For 65 Million Vnd

At the end of April, Tran Hieu, 34 years old, had a three-day and two-night stay at a newly opened resort during the pandemic. He shared that he has been to many luxury resorts in Vietnam, this time he chose a new name. Thanks to that, his trip also had many different experiences. For a three-day trip, the group spent about 150 million VND. Including two nights stay, each night 65 million.

The view from the villa overlooks the sea and forest. Photo: NVCC

The first difference, the resort is located on a peninsula in Song Cau, far away from many famous tourist attractions and seems to be surrounded by only sea, forest, fishing village, rice fields… 71 villas seem to be submerged. in the middle of the forest, helping Hieu feel that “nature is cherished”.

Next, the resort has the combined beauty of many regions. Right from the lobby, the space is European-style, making him think of hotels in France or Spain. However, around, the scene is in “standard” Phu Yen , with pristine beaches, rapids and surrounded by natural forests.

The design style here is also different by the rustic look. He chose a 3-bedroom villa on the hill, built based on a long house of the Ede people, very long and with low ceilings. Villa area is about 500 m2, with large terrace, full of sunshine. Three separate rooms are located on two floors but ensure the connection by large living room, kitchen and dining room. The living room connects to the swimming pool overlooking the large bay and right below is the soaring reed garden.

“No matter where we are, we can lie down, close our eyes to enjoy the space, hear the birds sing and inhale the scent of the sea. The whole day seems to just move from one place to another in the villa,” he said. . Another point he loves is that the resort is built entirely from stone, wood, bamboo, and thatched roof. The interior is a collection of antiques, which is very strange between the apartments.

Other villas are scattered in the campus of hundreds of hectares, built in the style of traditional stilt houses by the rice fields, Cham houses by the beach, etc. There are also tent-style restaurants in fishing villages and houses. the Central Highlands. “The resort is surrounded by a rustic and peaceful look. This is not a popular style but suitable for tourists from far away who love cultural experiences,” he said.

This is also one of the few resorts in Vietnam with a hydro board experience, which requires players’ health and ingenuity. During his stay here, he and his friends often experience this activity every afternoon. His other favorite experiences are climbing in the early morning, about a few hundred meters to the top of Mo, where you can breathe in the fresh air that fills your chest and enjoy the panoramic view of the vast bay. Here, the group also dives to see the coral or gathers at the beach campfire in the evening.

The last point he loves, and also feels the most different is the service style of the staff. Most of them are locals, so besides professionalism, they are rustic, smiley and very knowledgeable about local culture, terrain, and experiences.

“For us, a luxury resort, comfortable but not ostentatious and sophisticated. It is the warmth, friendliness and not a bit of hustle that makes the trip memorable, you have to be attached when you leave”, he said and said. know the desire with family and friends to come back here not too far away.

The group gathered around the campfire.

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Từ khoá: Experience the ‘Ede house’ in Phu Yen for 65 million VND

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