Xu Hướng 2/2024 # Stop On The Most Beautiful Autumn Streets In Hanoi # Top 6 Xem Nhiều

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The most beautiful streets in Hanoi autumn you must definitely visit Nguyen Du Street is sweet with the scent of milk flowers

Every autumn, milk flowers bloom, this is a nostalgic flower with its own flavor and characteristic of autumn in Hanoi. At this time, all senses seem to be awakened, adding a cool breeze bringing the scent of flowers to fill every street. One of the most milky ways in Hanoi to reach Nguyen Du on Thien Quang Lake, fall into the whole street filled with romance, pure white elegant stretches that make every heart romantic, miss the beat. To fully experience the dreamy milk flower season on the street you can also come on Thuy Khue Street, Cua Bac, Church …

Thanh Nien Street – “the way of love”

Blossoming milk flowers signal Hanoi autumn

The road running between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake is a romantic stop in the autumn of Hanoi . Thanh Nien Street owns a beautiful roadway along with wide and airy sidewalks, these summer days are already a cool, green street, also owns very beautiful cafes, small virtual alleys. But especially in autumn, in the gentle sunlight, Thanh Nien Street becomes more and more romantic so you can be immersed in the beautiful autumn colors, not too much when this place is still called by the dear name “the way of love” of Hanoi, where couples date.

Phan Huy Ich Street is depressed and nostalgic

Thanh Nien Street one autumn morning

Many people do not know Phan Huy Ich is the most beautiful street in the fall of Hanoi , ideal for walking in the autumn. There is nothing more enjoyable than when in the sad space of autumn, we walk between old houses painted with yellow green doors and moss, the special architecture of the water decades. If you don’t know where to go to take the best photos of Hanoi, why not stop by Phan Huy Ich?

Phan Dinh Phung Street is flooded with falling yellow leaves

Photo: We25

Originally one of the streets with the most green trees in Hanoi with wide sidewalks; It is not surprising that this space also becomes more romantic in the autumn. It was when the cool breeze passed, the layers of golden leaves poured down from the old rows, beautiful and romantic like any Korean movie. This season, women often wear ao dai to take pictures next to flower wagons or carry street vendors to eat snacks from Hanoians .

Hoang Dieu Street is ancient and poetic

Pictures of familiar flower trucks on Phan Dinh Phung street

Hoang Dieu Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi’s autumn , the point worth visiting and saving pictures in the autumn weather. The path of contemplation in the noisy and bustling city, wide sidewalks with ancient rows of hundreds of years old, is the location of the ancient Hoang Thanh Thang Long, General Vo Nguyen Giap’s house and long rows of The old French-style mansion is tinged with time. On cool autumn days, walking leisurely on Hoang Dieu street under falling yellow crocodile leaves, breathing the clear air, sunlight running overhead …

Kim Ma Street 4 romantic seasons

Hoang Dieu Street was wandering in the autumn sun

Kim Ma Street has long been very familiar to young people who love to take pictures. In the photos where this is the permanent back-ground image of old trees radiating shade, the red brick corridor is flat, the green grassland. Especially in the autumn when the falling golden foliage is even more romantic, although dresses or skirts are also suitable for capturing super beautiful photos that no corner of the city has.

Dinh Tien Hoang Street is bustling in autumn

Familiar rows of red-yellow foliage trees on Kim Ma Street

Dinh Tien Hoang is a beautiful street in the autumn of Hanoi , especially when it has a special location in the middle of the capital, on the bank of ancient Sword Lake. Not just a quiet, nostalgic street where Hoa Phong tower and Hanoi post office are located with historic clock tower; Especially on weekends when the pedestrian street is stopped, you can leisurely on the small road, watch the rippling lake surface, smell the fragrant nuggets in the gentle autumn wind or go to Dinh cafe to sip a cup of coffee delicious eggs. Joining collective activities, playing folk games, dancing or participating in singing are also unforgettable experiences on this street.

The ceramic road along the Red River is full of art

Photo: New Urban Area

The ceramic road along the Red River is a symbol of the capital, inaugurated in 2010 on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi. The whole road is a large picture consisting of 21 sections stretching from An Duong border gate to Van Kiep border gate with many different themes such as honoring artistic heritage in the historical flow from Dong Son to Ly, Tran , Le, Nguyen; reenactment of brocade pattern; Hanoi – city for peace … This can be seen as a masterpiece and has been recognized by the Guinness organization as “The world’s largest ceramic mosaic”. So if you have a chance to come to the capital once, do not forget to walk on this road, admire the unique artworks, see the quintessence of pottery Bat Trang, Chu Dau, Phu Lang, Bau Truc … Especially on a very gentle autumn day. Not surprisingly, this route is listed The most beautiful streets in Hanoi’s autumn , right?

Photo: BNews

This fall, have you visited the corner of Hanoi Street yet?

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Từ khoá: Stop on the most beautiful autumn streets in Hanoi

Xuan Van Mountain – The Most Beautiful Sunrise Viewing Spot In Quy Nhon

Located right next to Ghenh Rang tourist area , Xuan Van mountain along with Ba Hoa and Vung Chua mountains is a solid “wall” that covers and shields the West and South of Quy Nhon, and is also a familiar trekking point. belong to mountain climbing enthusiasts.

Road to the top of Xuan Van mountain

Not a dirt road full of rugged rock, nor grass growing lush, the way to the top of Xuan Van mountain is a stone and cement steps built by the Phan Sinh line of Thua Sai Mary (Parish Phanxico Quy Hoa). Built in the 1950s – 60s of the last century for believers to pray, it is quite easy to walk and bear the mark of Christianity.

However, the path is quite narrow, only enough room for about 2 to 3 people to go at the same time and there are more than 2,000 steps with all 14 stages, and the steep slope, the difference in height from the foot of the mountain to the top is 180m, the distance between the steps is also high so it will definitely be quite stressful, especially in the early stages.

The stone path is quite easy to go (Photo @ khanknquyen.photo)

Because it is divided into different stages, each stage will have a stone telling the number of stages that you have passed. Especially when going through the stages 7, 13, 14 – the numbers are significant in religion, you will find there are features that are easy to remember and feel.

Number 7 is the number indicating perfection or perfection, so this journey is quite comfortable and pleasant, at the same time, from this stage on, the road becomes even more interesting. The number 13, according to Western conception, is a bad number, but Mary’s events are often tied to 13, also the day of her grace, so at this point you will have a rest at a yard Small with a statue of Our Lady.

The road to Xuan Van Binh Dinh mountain can take only 15 minutes for those who go fast, but for those who love the lightness, tolerance, walking while enjoying the scenery and enjoying the fresh air, it can take. up to 1 hour. That road will probably make the sweat fall, will inevitably fatigue, but just go to the top of the mountain, you will feel that the price is completely worth it and wonderful.

The poetic beauty of love on Xuan Van mountain

After setting foot on the top of the mountain 242m above sea level, do not do anything yet, stop, close your eyes and take a deep breath, you will feel each cool breeze stroking your hair and a The air is pure, pure and peaceful, as if we are being in harmony with nature, with the vast sky and earth.

Fresh air in the mountain (Photo @ kimthoa0701) And then zoom out, not only the lush green forests or majestic hills, but also the beautiful city of Quy Nhon with skyscrapers and endless blue coasts. Jade soothes the dazzling summer sun.Capture the beauty of Quy Nhon city (Photo @ lututa92)

In addition, on the top of Xuan Van mountain, there is a fairly large and flat space with many shady canopies, so you can enjoy a happy picnic with friends or relatives.

In addition, the immense purple sims, radiating a rich aroma in July or August will also make you fascinated.

How to move to Xuan Van mountain

Lush green trees (Photo @hong_yenn_t) However, it will be most wonderful if you stand on Xuan Van mountain and admire the sunrise or sunset. That is when new rays of sunshine weave through the clouds running along the horizon and gradually rise up bright pink to color the whole space, making Quy Nhon seem like a new shirt, sparkling and more attractive.Sparkling dawn (Photo @ phuongg.thao.99)Welcoming the warm rays of sunlight early in the day (Photo @ thexe.96) Or is the time when the fireball is red, running to the western horizon and fading behind the mountains leaving behind the romantic sunset, will surely be the 1 – 0 – 2 masterpieces that you will never forget. let me see when I was traveling to Xuan Van .The sunset is equally charming (Photo @_uocgimuicao_)

To reach the mountain, you follow the coastal road (with signposts leading to Tien Sa beach) towards Quy Hoa, when close to Quy Hoa entrance, turn to the small concrete road on the right and park the car there, then buy tickets to the mountain.

The second way, still going in the direction of Quy Hoa, but turn to the road to the grave of Han Mac Tu poet (not the tomb of Ghenh Rang tourist area) and then go into the side gate to see the road to the mountain.

Some notes when climbing Xuan Van

– The road up the mountain, no matter how easy it is to go, will be in danger if the weather turns bad. When there is heavy rain or wind, you absolutely must not continue the journey even when you are climbing halfway, but must find a safe shelter immediately, so you need to actively check the weather forecast before starting to climb the mountain. .

Climb must go in good weather (Photo @ diemnhat160901)

– Mountain climbing has never been a simple sport, always needs good health and endurance, so pre-climbing training such as walking, jogging, sports … is always nothing. same need. Especially the eating of adequate nutrients and increasing the addition of vitamins and minerals, and eating and sleeping in moderation, the more attention must be paid.

– People with cardiovascular, blood pressure, and respiratory diseases are best not to try to experience this activity.

– The climbing clothes should be loose and comfortable, the Xuan Van mountain road is not too difficult to go, the girls who go for the first time can comfortably conquer with sandals, but to make the climbing easy and good You should wear sports shoes or specialized shoes that are high in friction, grip and waterproof.

Comfortable attire (Photo @ myka97_gl)

– Should bring water and snacks to energize the road or do a small picnic on the mountain top.

– The best time to start is early in the morning, because the atmosphere is still quite cool, when you reach the mountain you can also catch the dawn and not too dark when you return. Should go on weekdays, because Sundays not only increase the number of climbers, but also many people go to the ceremony, it is easy to get stuck in traffic.

Going early in the morning is the best (Photo @vnina_khanhdung_)

– A full battery phone or a camera will be “indomitable” if you want to keep the best memories here.

– Especially, because Xuan Van Quy Nhon mountain is the spiritual place of the parishioners, so you must respect everything around you.

If you want to forget the hustle and bustle in the city, throw away the chaos of work life, the peaceful and deep scenery of Xuan Van mountain will be a place you cannot ignore.

Đăng bởi: Bảo Toàn Phạm

Từ khoá: Xuan Van Mountain – the most beautiful sunrise viewing spot in Quy Nhon

Beautiful Lakes Near Hanoi Make Tourists “Fall In Love”

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, people need time to rest and picnic is also considered as one of the unique forms of relaxing tourism. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city but are limited in time, there are many attractive destinations near Hanoi. One of them is the beautiful lakes in the suburbs. There, you can not only admire the peaceful natural scenery but also experience many interesting activities, helping to refresh yourself very effectively.

Constellation Lake

Ho Chom Nui, also known as Hoa Son lake, is a picnic spot near Hanoi, although not too new, this place is “hot” again in the past time with a series of peaceful and tranquil pictures. The young people shared, causing the crazy society to stand still.

Located in Nam Son commune, Soc Son district, only about 40km from the center of Hanoi, equivalent to 1 hour by car, this is a natural lake with a large area and beautiful landscape, so it is not surprising that Chom Nui lake so much sought after.

Photo: @Toan Vu, @cofvideos

Compared to many other beautiful lakes in Hanoi, Chom Nui Lake is gently beautiful. The clear lake in the silhouette of the green hills creates a really calming picture of nature. There is no need to be too grandiose, the original wildness in Chom Nui Lake makes people feel like they are in harmony with heaven and earth, enjoying the fresh air. Indeed, nature has favored the place with extraordinary beauty.

Photo: @irl.yolo, @huancongchua

The road to go to Chom Nui lake is quite easy, you can use any personal vehicle. However, as a newly discovered place, there is currently no signpost on the way to the lake, to get here, you will need to use a map application to look up the location.

Although the natural landscape is so beautiful, Chom Nui lake is not a tourist destination, so this lake is a completely free picnic spot. About 1km away will be a homestay and some grocery stores, however, you will need to prepare the necessary items for camping or cooking because there will be no place to rent.

Photo: @Le Van, @irl.yolo

Away from the noisy and dusty city to enjoy a cool and peaceful space, here many worries and worries can be temporarily put aside to chat with friends about stories in the sky under the pool, sip Enjoy a little fragrant barbecue and check-in the poetic corners of this place, it will definitely be an interesting trip.

Ho Quan Son

Liked as “miniature Ha Long”, Quan Son Lake is a beautiful lake located on the outskirts of the city. Only about 50km from the center of Hanoi, Quan Son lake belongs to My Duc district (Hanoi), and a small part of the lake belongs to Hoa Binh province.

The lake has a charming wild landscape with more than 20 large and small limestone mountains surrounding the lake bed and green vegetation. camp.

Photo: @q.tranphot, @vedugx, @mia169

Not only bringing pristine beauty, Quan Son Lake also appears with a peaceful image of a Northern Delta region with rows of houses, riverbanks, fields, the highlight in the blue landscape is the lotus seasons. rice flower. The airy, cool atmosphere is far from the smell of gasoline and dust in the city, it is not strange that this place has become a place of sightseeing, virtual coordinates “super chill” of many people.

Photo: @nguyennguyenphoto, @minhduc016

The road to Quan Son lake is not too difficult to find, visitors can travel by motorbike or car. However, on the way there will be slopes and bends, you can also admire the mountains and hills, so this is also an ideal address for a close trip.

Photo: @vedugx, @hodung98, @kim_baxo

As a destination chosen by many people for short-term travel, the cost to visit Quan Son is quite cheap. Specifically: Entrance ticket: 15,000 VND / ticket, motorbike parking: 5,000 VND / car, corrugated iron boat rental: 140,000 VND / 1 boat for 4 people for 2-3 hours.

Dong Lemon Lake

Only about 40km from the center of Hanoi city, Dong Chanh lake is located in Nhuan Trach commune, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province.

Bringing unspoiled natural beauty no less than other beautiful lakes, Dong Chanh Lake appears with the image of a vast and jade-green lake, the majestic mountains on both sides of the lake will make you fall in love. leave.

Photo: @thegioicombo, @nguyendungx

Nestled in the clear sky, with overlapping mountains and clouds, the scene here will make you feel like you are lost in a colorful natural picture. In addition, Dong Chanh Lake possesses a spacious and relatively flat terrain, very suitable for camping tents and activities such as carpeting picnics or flying kites, indeed this place is a living coordinate. Extreme virtual with the background of water and clouds.

Photo: @06thang09, @Hang Nguyen, @Nguyen Anh Dung, @Nguyen Khang, @Wildcat8x

Đăng bởi: Thúy Ngọc Hà

Từ khoá: Beautiful lakes near Hanoi make tourists “fall in love”

Hiking In Hanoi 2023: Indulge In The Enchanting Views Of Nature With A Soul

It is approximately unbelievable to obtain a Vietnam holiday trip without a visit to the capital of the city i.e. Hanoi. This vibrant city is exclusive amongst its other Asian counterparts, balancing the French imposing legacy with a dazzling modern outlook. Preserving the quality of its ancient times, Hanoi is a city where much of the older ancient traditions and architecture stay integral.

10 Best Places For Hiking In Hanoi

If you want to take pleasure from significant mountain scenery then northern Vietnam is perfect for you. While on the other hand, you will discover national parks, coastal lands, nature reserves, and much more. Below, we have selected some most excellent destinations for hiking in Hanoi.

1. Lang Bian Mountain 2. Sapa

Sapa is just like the home to an intense network of numerous trails and is the foremost hiking destination of Vietnam. The place is popular for linking the trails together and creating a wonderful hike experience for your expertise level. On the peak of the Sapa posses a variety of most extravagant mountain landscape in all of Vietnam. These landscapes are eye-catching because of astonishing mountain villages and terraced rice cultivation.

3. Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park was established in 1992 and is also named as Ba Be Lakes. Marking the stunning natural scenery such as dense rainforests, deep valleys, attractive waterfalls, and elevated limestone mountains, the Ba Be National Park is situated on Vietnam’s biggest natural lake. There are various hiking track in this park. The unsurpassed way to explore and experience this eye-catching park is going on the multi-day hike. These ventures direct rice cultivations and karst outcrops, caves and waterfall.

4. Pu Luong Nature Reserve

For the calm countryside landscape, you are optimistic to visit the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. This place comprises with two parallel mountain peaks and there is a beautiful valley in between the mountain ranges. This is the perfect place where you find all the pleasurable things like limestone hills, striking rice cultivation terraces and biodiversity forests. It is also the most excellent explored place for an overnight hike or trek.

5. Cat Ba National Park

One of the most classic day times hiking around Vietnamcan be established in Cat Ba National Park. It is an island situated near the Ha Long Bay. In this park, there are eighteen kilometres long hiking trails up to the mountains. It is suggested to the people to do this hike of six hours with the proper guidance or they should hire a guide. Moreover, you can get the chance to spot wildlife that includes civets, macaques, and deer, and get pleasure from attractive views

6. Mai Chau

Mai Chau is situated more than one hundred thirty kilometres from the demanding city culture of Hanoi and North-West of Vietnam. The place is known for quiet and peace. Mai Chau does not have a great deal to offer but it is surrounded by the rice cultivation and tiny villages that create a beautiful landscape. Also, Mai Chau is the best place for relaxed hiking in Hanoi, Vietnam. The place offers excellent facilities and group of trails is intense.

7. Cat Tien National Park

8. Cuc Phuong National Park

Vietnam’s oldest and largest national park, established in 1962, Cuc Phuong National Park is one of the country’s most important conservation areas. Biodiversity is extraordinary in this park of primaeval forests and karst mountains. It makes for a great day trip from Hanoi, its variety of hiking trails catering to all skill levels. Recommended hikes to do are up to the ridge of the karst mountains for amazing views down of the valleys. There are a number of day hikes available in the park.

9. Cao Bang

One of Vietnam’s greatest trekking destinations, Cao Bang is a northern province characterised by mountain scenery. With its landscape of karst mountains, deep gorges, rice terraces, glorious waterfalls and meandering rivers, the views are pretty fantastic anywhere in the region. One of the best hikes in Cao Bang is the one to the Ban Gioc waterfall, on the border with China. This is by no means a long or difficult hike, though. It’s simply incredibly scenic!

10. Ba Na Hill

Extremely scenic hiking trails are found around the Ba Na Hill Resort. This is actually somewhat of a theme park, with a replica of a French colonial town and a funicular railway. Although it has a kitschy feel to it, the short trails leading to overlooks and waterfalls make it absolutely worth a visit.

Things To Remember For Hiking In Hanoi

When booking your vacation in Vietnam, Hanoi is an outstanding pedestal to discover the north side of the country. In addition to contributing an exclusive insight into the urban Vietnam familiarity, the whole trip can be united with a visit to the eye-catching national parks that facilitate the people to enjoy the natural and stunning beauty of this overwhelming country.

Over one hundred and twenty kilometres to the south-west of Hanoi is Cuc Phuong National Park which is a perfect landscape conquered by the theatrical limestone mountains and a beautiful dense green forest! Moreover, Hanoi is the home to a bunch of plants and animals species, such as scarce langur monkeys. Hanoi is the well-liked vacation spot for activities such as cycling and hiking in Hanoi. Also, worth a visit on the Vietnam vacation is Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Van Long Nature Reserve.

Already excited? Don’t wait anymore, pack your bags and plan your next Vietnam trip with TravelTriangle to explore what this scenic capital of Vietnam has in store for all wanderlust souls!

Looking To Book An International Honeymoon?

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Từ khoá: Hiking In Hanoi 2023: Indulge In The Enchanting Views Of Nature With A Soul-Stirring Trip

The Engineer Bought 1,000M2 Of Land On The Outskirts Of Hanoi For His Wife To Raise Chickens, Grow Vegetables, And Build A Unique Stilt House

Raising chickens, growing vegetables on the outskirts of Hanoi

In July 2023, Ms. Vu Le Van (37 years old, Hanoi) and her husband and children packed their belongings and luggage back to Quoc Oai – where a house on stilts was waiting. Previously, Ms. Van had never cherished the plan to “leave the town to go home”, but after a while, the peaceful life here made the mother of 3 children change her mind.

“Everything came naturally and very quickly. Starting from when my family bought a small piece of land in the suburbs, then built a house on stilts, there was a small garden to grow vegetables and flowers according to their preferences. Especially the air near the mountains is very fresh, cool, quiet…

This house on stilts was originally intended to be built for family and friends to come home for the weekend, but after a while, the couple decided to change their living environment and move back to their hometown, “said Van .

The house on stilts of Mrs. Van and her husband overlooks the “cool” green rice field view.

Van is currently selling goods online, and her husband is a construction engineer. The 14-year marriage of both has sweet fruit with 3 small members, Van’s oldest child is in 6th grade, the youngest is 8 years old.

The day she decided to move back to Quoc Oai, she and her husband prepared everything very quickly. The first is to apply for a transfer for your child, do the procedures at both the old school and the new school. Both of their jobs are not disturbed much except that Van’s husband has to work a little further.

Van and her husband decided to move to a suburban land

After the important work was done, Ms. Van began to move the necessary furniture such as washing machine and air conditioner.

“My house left behind all unnecessary things and lived a much simpler life than before… This is actually not the hometown of both husband and wife, but when deciding to buy this land, my husband really liked it, and Only later did I see my husband’s “vision”.

It doesn’t take long to get to the center from here. Near where I live, there is a village “leaving the street to the forest”, many people still go to work in the street every day and return to their “hometown” at the end of office hours. My favorite is the fresh air, the view of the green rice fields, very chill, the school and the market are also close to the house,” said Ms. Van.

It is known that the two plots of land that Ms. Van bought next to each other, in which she and her husband have just built a house on stilts on a 400m2 piece, while a 600m2 piece is still growing trees.

The house shimmers when night falls

Leaving the city to go home is not just a game for rich people

In the first days of moving to the suburbs, Ms. Van felt strange and began to get used to the garden life, growing trees and green vegetables. Because she has never worked as a farmer, she actively learns how to nurse, compost, and take care of plants online. The beautiful little house on stilts is decorated by the couple in every corner. Next to Ms. Van’s house, she dug a mini fish pond and planted water lilies. Van’s children are very excited about the new style of the house on stilts.

“The children love it, and they are lucky to have neighbors of the same age, so they get acquainted very quickly, play together and “explore” the games in the countryside.


It’s only been a short time, but my daughter has already boasted that she knows how many names of the trees here ,” said Van.

Children can catch crabs, snails, jump rope, eat mandarin umbrellas

In addition to the cost of the three children’s education, the monthly living expenses of Ms. Van’s family have also decreased significantly. When living in an apartment, the young mother had a headache with fees such as parking, water, expensive food and vegetables.

“The cost of meals in the countryside has decreased a lot compared to the day before in the street. I no longer spend as much on food as before. In the street, I often buy a lot of food in the refrigerator that is overdue, it’s a waste of money, but when I return home, it’s a waste of money. This has limited the excess of food. Moreover, the process of growing vegetable beds for the family is very hard, waiting for a while to be harvested, so when I eat, I appreciate every single stalk of vegetables,” said Ms. Van .

On her free weekend, Ms. Van opens a BBQ party, treats local specialties such as pig intestines eaten with doi leaves, grilled also served with doi leaves, sour meat, bamboo shoots, plain cakes… Simple life lasted for more than half a year. However, because Van’s husband often has to go on long business trips, he is not secure when leaving his mother and children in the mountains, so Van comes back to town, only visiting the suburban house for 2 days at the weekend.

The vegetable garden is an abundant source of food for the family

The young mother said that it is not necessary to be a rich man, or to have money, to leave the city and return to his hometown.

” I see a lot of people in the countryside who are on average income but they still live well, are healthy, happy, contented and happy with what they have. The villagers don’t have many high-end needs, have to wear expensive brands, cosmetics, expensive clothes…

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Huỳnh Thảo

Từ khoá: The engineer bought 1,000m2 of land on the outskirts of Hanoi for his wife to raise chickens, grow vegetables, and build a unique stilt house

Diamond In The Rough


Nghĩa đen:

Một viên kim cương còn thô, chưa mài giũa.

Nghĩa rộng:

Một người không hào nhoáng nhưng có tiềm năng (an unpolished or unsophisticated person that has potential)

Tiếng Việt có cách nói tương tự:

tài năng giấu mình, tài năng chưa khai quật, tiềm năng, ngọc trong đá…

Ví dụ:

Liz must have seen that Tim was a diamond in the rough, because she asked him out, and now they’re getting married.

Liz chắc chắn đã nhìn thấy tiềm năng của Tim, vì cô ấy chủ động hẹn hò với cậu ấy, và bây giờ thì họ sắp cưới rồi.

He’s a diamond in the rough.

Anh ta là một tài năng chưa được khai quật đấy.

Cách dùng:

Không có gì đặc biệt.

Lưu ý:

Cách dùng mạo từ: a diamond in the rough.

Các từ điển đều không nêu dạng số nhiều, nhưng trong thực tế có thể dùng dạng số nhiều được: diamonds in the rough.

Đôi khi, trong những tình huống đặc biệt hoặc đối với một số người có sự suy diễn, đặc biệt là đối với phái nữ, thì việc so sánh họ với một viên kim cương còn thiếu sự mài dũa không phải là lời khen mà trái lại là lời chê, thậm chí họ thấy bị sỉ nhục (họ để ý đến vế sau của thành thành ngữ – in the rough – sự thô kệch, thô ráp, thô thiển).

Tiếng Việt cũng vậy.


Trong phần này, các bạn sẽ luyện phát âm theo các câu mẫu.

Phương pháp luyện tập:

nghe câu mẫu do người bản xứ phát âm, tập nói theo,

ghi lại phát âm của mình,

nghe lại phần thực hành và so sánh với phát âm mẫu

lặp lại quá trình này cho tới khi phát âm thuần thục.


Thời gian ghi âm: Không hạn chế

Thiết bị đi kèm: Nên dùng headphone có kèm microphone để có chất lượng âm thanh tốt nhất

Trình duyệt web: Dùng được trên mọi trình duyệt. Lưu ý cho phép trình duyệt sử dụng microphone để ghi âm.

Địa điểm thực hành: Nên yên tĩnh để tránh tạp âm

A diamond in the rough

Diamonds in the rough

He’s a diamond in the rough.


Gợi ý các bước luyện phát âm:

Bước 1: Bấm vào đây để mở cửa sổ ghi âm trong một Tab mới. Trong cửa sổ ghi âm, bấm nút Record để bắt đầu quá trình ghi âm

Bước 2: Quay lại cửa sổ này, bấm nghe câu mẫu, tập nói theo từng câu mẫu cho tới khi thuần thục.

Bước 3: Quay lại cửa sổ ghi âm, bấm Done để kết thúc quá trình ghi. Bấm Play back để nghe lại phát âm của mình và so sánh với phát âm mẫu. Bấm Retry để làm một bản ghi mới

Bấm Download để lưu file ghi âm của bạn về máy (nếu bạn thích)

Hãy kiên trì, bạn sẽ đạt được tiến bộ bất ngờ



Idioms to use:

Number of questions: 10

Time limit: No

Earned points: Yes (if you’re logged in). You will earn 8 points to your balance if you PASS the quiz (answering at least 80% of the questions correctly). You will earn another 2 points if you COMPLETE the quiz (answering 100% questions correctly).

Have fun!

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