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Koi Bridge

Located in the Japanese garden atop Ba Deo of Sun World Halong Complex, the Koi bridge is designed in the model of a Koi fish and also known as the Yin Yang Bridge. The bridge frame is made of steel, and the bridge deck and deck are made from wood. The bridge is bright red – this is the Japanese favorite color with the meaning of symbolizing the sun, a symbol of luck and peace.

The crimson Japanese bridge in the shape of a giant soft Koi fish crossing two green hills is a check-in spot that attracts many young people. Amidst the traditional Japanese garden space Zen Garden, the bridge gives visitors a perfect view of the panoramic view of the majestic Halong Bay from the Sun World Halong Complex.

Ha Long international passenger ship port

Ha Long international passenger ship port at Bai Chay owns the space outside the passenger terminal like an old town corner on Ha Long Bay. However, the interior is as luxurious and mysterious as the basement of a 13th-century ship, with wooden columns, wooden ceilings and steel ceilings, sophisticated furniture and 27 picture frames showing charts and ancient ships. .

This port is capable of receiving ships with a tonnage of 225,000 GRT, a total of up to 8,460 people (including passengers, crew), serving 2 ships at the same time. This is the first specialized international cruise ship port in Vietnam, eliminating the worries of the cruise ship industry that all ports both welcome passenger ships and cargo ships.

Cua Van fishing village

Sung Sot Cave

Considered as a “small oasis” surrounded by majestic nature, surrounded by majestic limestone mountains, floating houses on the fishing village are decorated in all colors, bringing a peaceful and strange landscape. There was no loud siren in the city, only the sound of the boat hitting the side of the boat to chase the fish behind the mountain and the fishermen calling each other. This place hides the essence of ocean culture for many generations. Discovering the fishing village, when night falls, visitors will have the opportunity to spread their nets, fish, squid fishing and enjoy the teasing songs of the boys and girls standing on the boat singing love. All create unforgettable experiences in your Ha Long travel journey .

Located in the heart of the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay , Sung Sot Cave is considered the most beautiful cave of Ha Long Bay and converges many rock islands with unique shapes. The cave is divided into two main compartments, the entire first compartment looks like a large, spacious theater, covered with a mossy carpet and countless glittering stalactite chandeliers and various figures. Stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers … fanciful.

Entering the second compartment, you will understand why this cave is called “Sung Sot”. The beautiful stalactites and stalagmites stretch from ceiling to floor, present both above and below, sometimes even touching each other, creating a sparkling scene that is indescribable.


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Why Is The Bac Giang Cam Son Lake Tourist Area Likened To ‘Ha Long Bay On The Mountain’?

Back to Bac Giang to explore Cam Son Lake tourist area

Bac Giang Cam Son Lake tourist area is a destination for nature-loving tourists who want to immerse themselves in the fresh picture with lakes, mountains, and extremely interesting activities. This lake is the inspiration for musician Pho Duc Phuong to compose the famous song Lake on the Mountain. 

Cam Son Lake is located in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province. Photo: @super_clouuu

Cam Son Lake is a lake originating from Huu Lung district, Lang Son province. The stream to Luc Ngan district was blocked, forming a lake with an area of ​​about 26 km2. Today, this lake not only serves irrigation water for agriculture but also is used to develop tourism. 

This tourist destination is loved by many tourists. Photo: @quynnvi

Cam Son Lake tourist area is located on the beautiful lakeside, located in the territory of Son Hai, Ho Dap, Tan Son and Cam Son communes, Luc Ngan district. From the center of Bac Giang city, visitors go about 58 km to the northeast to come to this beautiful lake to experience a series of interesting tourist activities.

What’s so beautiful about the Cam Son Lake tourist area in Bac Giang? 

Bac Giang Cam Son Lake appears with the typical beauty of the northern mountainous lakes. The lake has a length of about 30 km, the widest area is about 7 km, forming a beautiful lake with many green oases in the middle of the lake. Along the lakeside, there are many beautiful villages, surrounded by high and low mountains. 

The beauty of Cam Son Lake in Bac Giang when viewed from above. Photo: @nguyenke521999

People call this lake a place with charming scenery, which is not wrong. Coming here, you will see the image of trees reflecting gently on the lake surface. The lake is calm all year round, embracing the large and small islands in the middle of the lake. The scenery of this place is as poetic and romantic as a “Ha Long Bay on the mountain”. 

The poetic scene on Cam Son lake. Photo: @dinhhoangduc.hd

Thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, this lake is used to develop tourism. Therefore, the famous Bac Giang Cam Son Lake tourist area was born, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to regularly visit. This place is suitable for short-term activities, suitable for stress relief on weekends or short vacations. 

Coming to this resort, visitors can take a boat to explore the beautiful Cam Son Lake. Photo: @lyn_ly_311

It’s called a tourist area, but it looks like a tourist complex – where many households provide tourism services for visitors. The most wonderful thing when coming to Cam Son Lake is the experience of sailing in the middle of the lake, enjoying the cool air and watching the blue and immense lake. 

The experience of walking around the lakeshore is peaceful and pleasant. Photo: @nguyenmanhtuan1908

In today’s Cam Son Lake, most households provide a motorboat ride service to bring visitors around the beautiful scenery of the lake. Sitting on the boat, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the clear blue lake, in the distance are the high and low undulating mountains. In particular, you can also stop at the islands for eating, sightseeing or camping, picnic as you like.

You will be sitting on a boat to admire the romantic scenery of Cam Son Lake, breathe in the fresh air. Photo: @lyn_ly_311

Recently, travel blogger Khoai Lang Thang came to this beautiful lake in the ripe lychee season to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake and go to pick litchi. If you have a look at Khoai’s travel vlog, you will see the image of Bac Giang Lake Cam Son tourist area so beautiful, majestic, fresh and also full of charm. 

Visitors exploring Cam Son Lake can also row a boat in the middle of the lake. Photo: @nguyenke521999

The time from June to July every year is the bright red ripe litchi season. The oases in the litchi pond stand out with beautiful iridescent red colors in the sun. When you stop to visit the litchi islands, you will directly see the ripe litchi bunches, and eat the delicious and attractive  Bac Giang lychee .

Coming here to chill is also an interesting experience for visitors. Photo: @huonglan8899

In particular, on the oases in the middle of the lake, there are also restaurants serving tourists. Stopping at these restaurants, you will enjoy delicious rustic dishes made from fish and shrimp caught on this very lake. Here, the most delicious can be mentioned grilled shrimp, boiled chicken, forest bamboo shoots with extremely delicious and attractive chili. 

Experience going to Cam Son Lake tourist area in Bac Giang 

According to the Bac Giang travel experience of many tourists, early morning is the most suitable time to take a boat trip around the lake. At this time, the misty morning mist forms a layer of curtain covering the poetic lake, ripples sparkling in the morning sun, extremely beautiful and relaxing.

A beautiful moment of tourists in Cam Son Lake tourist area. Photo: @iamduckie_

Visitors should come here in the summer from June to July to feel the fresh, green atmosphere of this place. In addition, you can also enjoy ripe litchi and enjoy the atmosphere of lychee harvesting of local residents. In addition to sailing or stopping on oases, at Cam Son Lake tourist area, you can also spend time boating, fishing, and experiencing an interesting day on the lake. 

To Luc Ngan Bac Giang, you remember to visit Cam Son Lake once. Photo: @hongtrang12

Cam Son Lake tourist area in Bac Giang is a beautiful and attractive destination in the country of lychee. This place has a picture of fresh and beautiful nature, green oases planted with thousands of lychees and many attractive tourist activities for visitors to experience and explore. That’s why when you return to Luc Ngan, you remember once visiting the beautiful Cam Son Lake. 

Photo: Instagram

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Where Are The Best Beaches In Vietnam?

Vietnam is home to several of Asia’s most beautiful beaches. With over 3,200km/1,900 miles of shorelines in the country, there are plenty of calming spots to relax and play by the water.

No matter where on the coast you travel to in Vietnam, you’re guaranteed to be near a fabulous beach. Each region has its own flair and characteristics, but none of them are short on stunning views and things to do. Even though there are several beaches to visit, a few of them stand out above the rest.

Northern Beaches

While northern Vietnam is famous for Halong Bay and mountain towns like Sapa, it has its fair share of sand and oceanfront to attract visitors.

Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau island. Photo: Tina

Tuan Chau Beach is located on Tuan Chau Island and offers vistas of the breathtaking and world-famous Halong Bay. As one of the most popular beaches in northern Vietnam, it’s an excellent choice for a short visit via the Halong Bay Day Tour or booking a reservation at the island’s Tuan Chau Holiday Villas resort (affiliate). Surfing, swimming, and jet skiing are easy to do at this beach.

Quan Lan Beach

Situated on Quan Lan Island, this immaculate beach has some of the clearest and mesmerizing waters in the region. Kayaking and surfing are popular sports at this beach, in addition to sunbathing and napping on the sand to the sound of waves. After a day on the shore, many tourists enjoy eating fresh seafood at the island’s waterfront cafes.

Co To Beach

The tropical atmosphere and white sands of Co To Beach Island in Quang Ninh Province make this beach a must-see for visitors to the coast of Northern Vietnam. Surrounded by hills and pristine sands, it’s simple to get a healthy dose of fresh salty air and time outside. Not only is the area a relaxing, romantic place to experience, but there is an exciting lighthouse to check out.

Central Beaches

Beaches in Central Vietnam are renowned for their teal waters and picturesque sand. The coastal destinations of Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An are just a few of the most popular destinations.

Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An. Photo: Prashant Ram

After a day of exploring the historic parts of Hoi An, Cua Dai Beach is the perfect place to unwind by the ocean. With 3km of soft sand and beautiful trees lining the back part of the coast, this beach is excellent for taking photographs and looking at Cham Island off in the distance.

Binh Ba Beach

Binh Ba Beach is situated on Lobster Island, about 60 km/37 miles away from Nha Trang, and has some incredible panoramic views of the shore. Visitors can rent a boat to get to the beach and explore the area. Activities like snorkeling, diving, and swimming are great in this region with the beautiful coral reefs.

Lang Co Bay Beach

Located near Bach Ma National Park, Hue, and Da Nang, Lang Co Bay is a serene beach area with about 8 km/5 miles of white sand. This part of the ocean is known for its abundance of sea life, colorful coral reefs, and beach resorts and is a hot spot for swimming and diving.

Southern Beaches

Mui Ne Beach. Photo: Prince Roy

Southern Vietnam is known for the Mekong Delta, but it’s also home to some of the most pristine beaches that you’ll ever lay eyes on. Many of the landscapes in this area has been likened to the tropics or Caribbean.

Sao Beach

Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island is highly popular for its picture-perfect views and tropical paradise environment. The sand is white, soft, and clean, while the water is incredibly warm and ideal for swimming in, making it one of the most visited beaches on the island.

Mui Ne Beach

The Mui Ne area is often visited by international travelers but has a great beach area for tourists who enjoy time on the water. The beach culture is labeled as more laid back than some fancier places further north but still offers plenty to see and do on the coast.

Dam Trau Beach

Also known as the “Airport Beach,” Dam Trau Beach is located on Con Dao Island offers unspoiled nature views with ample opportunities for dining and relaxing by the water. Additionally, the beach is surrounded by jungles, providing many unique and beautiful places to explore. It gets its nickname due to being relatively close to the Con Son airport.

Enjoying Vietnam’s Coastline

A lot of beaches in Vietnam are great for doing water sports and activities. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are especially popular at the beaches with clear water, but jet skiing and boating are often done. Most beaches and hotels have places to rent and buy equipment for use during your stay.

Just about every style of accommodation is available at most beaches in Vietnam, including oceanfront resorts. Whether you’re looking for a five-star resort, homestay, hostel, or vacation rental, plenty of options are offered for every budget.

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Quickly Explore The Recently Opened Lang Yen Tourist Resort In Tien Giang

Yen Tien Giang village tourist area – attractive destination right next to Saigon

Tien Giang is one of the provinces of the western tourist country, just over 1 hour away from Saigon. Compared to Ben Tre or An Giang, this place does not have many entertainment spots or eco-tourism. However, this land famous for the Ap Bac movement does not lack the famous western tourist destinations .

Indeed, when traveling to My Tho, visitors can visit Chanh Giac Pagoda, Vinh Trang Tien Giang Pagoda , then go to eat smelters or visit Dong Tam snake farm. And if you go with a family member or a group of friends, you want to enjoy fun games together or find a short-term resort full of ecotourism, Yen village tourist area, located at 877B Road, Phu Tan Commune, Tan Phu Dong District, Tien Giang Province is the most suitable choice.

The tourist area is both country and modern, suitable for young people.

The tourist area with a bold ecological name in Yen Tien Giang village has just officially opened in February 2023 with many attractive entertainment games, the most impressive being the challenging terrain driving races.

Guide to Tien Giang Yen village tourism

Yen village eco-tourism area is located on Provincial Road 877, in Phu Tan commune, Tan Phu Dong district, Tien Giang. If you have just arrived here for the first time, you may notice the section near the People’s Committee of Phu Tan commune, Tan Phu Dong district, Tien Giang province.

Because only from the city. Ho Chi Minh City is less than 65 km, takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car, so this resort becomes a resting and entertainment option for many families who do not have much time to travel.

If you choose to go to a tourist destination in the Tày Y region with the starting point from the center of My Tho city, it only needs more than half an hour to travel because the distance is only 35km.

What’s hot in Yen Tien Giang’s tourist area?

From Ho Chi Minh City to Yen village tourist area only takes more than 1 hour.

Compared to other western provinces of Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Can Tho, etc., the ecotourism sites in Tien Giang seem to be less. Therefore, the establishment of Yen Tien Giang tourism area is good news for many tourists inside and outside the province. Due to its extremely convenient position, located right next to Saigon and other neighboring southwestern provinces, this place quickly becomes a place of sightseeing, entertainment and entertainment on New Year’s Eve and weekends and holidays. Tet.

Yen village tourist area has just been put into operation right after the 2023 Lunar New Year and covers an area of ​​10 hectares, with an investment scale of up to 100 billion VND.

Coming to Yen village, visitors can also experience the feeling of exploring oases, artificial bathing, camping, camp fire or “rocking out” at the outdoor music bar with family and close friends. What is especially indispensable in Yen Village, also the highlight that attracts young people are the photo zones with many extreme virtual living scenes.

Isolated colorful rooms located on the banks of the lake in the resort chúng tôi village accommodations are separate houses built on the water. Currently the resort has about 50 rooms, including many different types of rooms. Although built in the style of a hotel, to serve many types of tourists, the investor also has a separate suite with colorful, eye-catching, youthful style compared to traditional rooms. system. One attraction is that in front of the suites there is a lake equipped with boats so that guests can make the most of their stay with sightseeing rowing activities in the early morning or at chúng tôi Tien Giang village tourist area is one of the entertainment attractions of the South West.Entrance to Yen Tien Giang village tourist area Referring to the river trip of Yen Tan Phu Dong tourist area , it is impossible to ignore the unique Western cuisine of this place. Especially for those who like to eat fresh seafood and fruit, they must visit Yen village because it is only a few kilometers from the sea and not far from orchards, so there is always enough fresh seafood. live and fruit at affordable prices.A unique suspension bridge in Yen village tourist area with many beautiful angles is a special chúng tôi special decorative features evoke a nostalgic and relaxing space suitable for tourists to relax chúng tôi village tourist area also has swimming pools – children’s favorite play place.

The journey from the starting point to Yen village will pass through the center of My Tho city. So do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the dishes of the Southern cuisine which has been famous throughout the South of the province such as My Tho noodle soup , Lo Ren breast milk or Tan Phong duck cake, Go Cong seaweed, … Each The delicacies of this Tien Giang cuisine all bring the unique flavor of Ap Bac homeland, will surely leave you with many unforgettable impressions. In addition to enjoying on the spot, you can also choose to buy some take-away gifts for relatives and friends.

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Ha Long Bay Top 5 Cruises

If you are looking for a relaxing trip to immerse yourself in marvelous sightseeing, Ha Long Bay is one of the best options. Even if you take just a day or overnight cruise in Ha Long Bay, there aren’t enough words to accurately represent the beauty you’ll find here, one of the most fabulous natural wonders of Mother Earth. Ha Long Bay is an attractive tourist destination with a wide range of different exploration options that can seem a bit overwhelming at first. In order to be able to enjoy your cruise with peace of mind, here’s everything you need to know about Ha Long Bay cruises.

1.Why should you choose Ha Long Bay cruises?

The truth is Ha Long Bay is very crowded with the influx of tourists and booking a cruise to venture into remote and quiet areas is necessary. There’s plenty of sumptuous food options on the variety of tours that are offered by Inspitrip, and when you do travel with us your safety and comfort are our number one priority. For your added convenience, you can use the Alfie app to get anything on board with the touch of a finger.

Spending on The Ha Long Bay cruises, the most worthy spend ever! Instagram: @rubyhotelhalong

2.Why is Ha Long Bay the attractive tourist destination?

Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, just about 3 hours from Hanoi, Ha Long Bay is one of the most spectacular visiting spots for travelers in Vietnam. Considered a UNESCO Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay is indeed an archeological, geological, cultural and historical wonder with more than 1,600 karsts and islets rising from the surface of water. Besides that, with the vast number of the marvelous caves and grottos, Ha Long Bay widely chosen to represent the Vietnam’s natural beauty, and therefore a must-see for travelers. Here are five Ha Long Bay cruises that have our stamp of approval.

I can’t stop myself from loving you, Ha Long Bay darling! Instagram:@tadwphotoworld

The Bhaya Classic cruise

The Bhaya Classic Cruise is one of the best Ha Long Bay Cruises that allow you live with the most convenient and luxurious amenities while you explore Ha Long Bay. With a wide range of activities on Bhaya board combined with the enthusiastic and informative Inspitrip guides, you’ll definitely receive a top-end experience here. There’s freedom in your daily itinerary: you can join the Vietnamese cooking class in the early morning, and explore the famous spots like Tien Ong Cave and Cua Van village, or end your day with a delicious dinner while sipping on cocktails and looking up to the starry night of Ha Long Bay. It’s all up to you!

We care for your happiness, joy and contentment Instagram:@bhayacruiseshalong

The Au Co cruise

The Au Co cruise is one of the Bhaya Classic Cruise fleets focusing on providing a luxurious experience. The Au Co cruise is a 5-star cruise with spacious rooms and joyful activities, bringing visitors first-class services, comfort and satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to live a little; remember to enjoy yourself! As always, if you’re looking for more information about these cruises and on-board services, all that and more is available on the Alfie app.

Let us make your dream come true Instagram:@bhayacruiseshalong

The Mon Cheri cruise

The very unique and environmentally friendly design of The Mon Cheri cruise Instagram:@moncheri_cruises

Orchid Cruise

Given a 9.6/10 score on the Ha Long Bay cruise website, the Orchid Cruise is one of the best choices for tourists. The Orchid Cruise is famous for hosting unique activities like swimming in Lan Ha Bay and a quick transfer from Hanoi to Orchid Cruise, at just about 2 hours. Other musical, cultural and entertainment activities are also highlights of this cruise. There’s many opportunities to find the right kind of fun for you, and for those who are just married, the Orchid Cruise also offers “the honeymoon package” with special honeymoon decoration, cocktails, honeymoon spa services, etc.

Bubblebathing on the Orchid cruise instagram:@tommycorbs

Aphrodite Cruise

Receiving inspiration from Greek legends, the Aphrodite Cruise brings you luxury services with the personal touch. There are four kinds of cabins available, including luxury window sea view, luxury balcony, family suites window sea view and terrace suites, where you can experience the romance of Ha Long Bay amidst comfort and relaxation. The rooms are well-equipped with 100% cotton sheets, AC, 32-inch television, reading lamp, bathrobe, luggage rack, safety equipment….You’ll feel like a King or Queen when enjoying services like spa, Jacuzzi and sauna while eating some of the most delicious food there is to offer among all Ha Long Bay cruises.

The panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from the vantage lookout of The Aphrodite cruise Instagram:@kimuds

3. Pocket tips to have the amazing trip when taking Ha Long Bay cruises from Inspitrip insiders

First thing you should consider when visiting Ha Long Bay is the weather. Here are four seasons in Ha Long Bay, each with its own factors on the weather

February to April -Spring has sprung

This time is warm and comfortable. It’ll likely be the most popular among tourists, and it is not without good reason.

May to August – Summer, time of fun and exploration

It is hot and rainy in Vietnam, a tropical country. However, for those who want to try swimming and kayaking in Ha Long Bay, this is a great time to enjoy these activities and cool down!

Merrily, merrily, merrily Instagram:@tijana.brdar

September to November – beautiful autumn, but should be considered

There are the possibilities of cancellations during this time in Ha Long Bay because of the rough water. If you want a budget trip and to visit the uncrowded Ha Long Bay, you can come at this time.

December to January – A cold winter

Let’s put these precious moments in your memory albums Instagram:@bhayacruiseshalong

While organized tours may not be fitting for real backpackers, there’s no denying the comfort and immersion you get to experience on a 2D1N or 3D2N tour on board with Ha Long Bay cruises. There’s a lot to explore and see out there in Ha Long Bay, a comfortable place to rest is a luxury that many would love to have. You’ve escaped the hustle and bustle of Hanoi for a reason, the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of a cruise you’d be spending 12-60 hours on! There is nothing more rewarding than lying down on the sundeck, looking out the breath-taking landscapes of the limestones and inhaling the fresh, ocean air.

my carefreeand leisure days in Ha Long Bay instagram: @iwasthereonetime

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Visiting Ha Cang Hue Village To Visit The “Lonely Tree”

Hue Ha Cang Village – a rustic village full of poetry

It is this charming and sad, true “eye-catching” scene that has helped this small village of Hue overcome many other heavyweight candidates to become the location to appear in the movie “The Eye” by director Victor Vu – The film adaptation of Nguyen Nhat Anh’s well-known work of the same name will be released in December.

Hue Ha Cang village is characterized by countryside with long green fields

When visiting the village of Ha Port Hue , tourists traveling Hue will easily catch sight of the winding road passing through the small village. The scene here is even more poetic when you visit the village fields on the second day of the year because this is the time when the rice is green.

The bold scenery of Hue will appear before your eyes, but not the deep, ancient features of the mausoleums, Hue Citadel or Thien Mu pagoda, but a different kind of beauty from the gentle, idyllic countryside river. drifting between the banks and the roof of the primary school looming in the distance.

This is also the material for Victor Vu to reconstruct old scenes with the village path that year when Ngan, with his Dutch girlfriend, went to school or the Doan Do community primary school with a special point of two words ” “community” only appeared in the last years of the war against America in the South.

The garden of the village of Ha Cang Hue – a lonely tree in Mat Biec

The poetic beauty of Ha Cang Hue village. Many young people have to admit that compared to other tourist destinations and virtual living spots in Hue , Ha Cang village gives them a much more peaceful feeling, especially when looking at the peaceful countryside scenery. here. At this time, how much fatigue will gradually chúng tôi only the scenery is beautiful, but the people of Ha Cang Hue village are always as sincere and open as the rural people.

The peaceful village of Ha Cang Hue suddenly emerged as a hot spot for check-in, especially with young people, thanks to being chosen by the Bluest Eye film crew as the main setting. And the green field tree that has stood in the middle of the green field for so long has become a picture that appears many times in virtual live photos of young people.

Coming to Ha Cang Hue village and taking some pictures here and then returning is the “must-do” job of many young people when having the opportunity to set foot in Hue. This place is equally attractive to prominent virtual living places in Hue such as Hue National School or Lap An Lagoon.

The bronze tree in the village of Ha Cang Hue is also a lonely tree in Mat Bai. This bronze tree is called the lonely tree in the movie “The Eye of the Blue”, is the location where Ngan plays the piano for the Netherlands – a poetic scene in the film. It can be said that this bronze tree is associated with the childhood of two main characters, Ngan and chúng tôi pine tree in the picture is associated with the childhood of two characters Ngan and the Netherlands.Thanks to the movie Mat Buc, the lonely tree in Ha Cang became famous.

To get to the lonely tree, you go to Ha Cang village, then find the Chua village, then ask the people about the stump of the filming tree “Eye Buc” that will be extremely enthusiastic.

However, when you come to the village of Ha Cang Hue, and you only take pictures of lonely trees, it is a big mistake because nearby sugarcane fields are in season with a scenery no less than lonely trees. The sugarcane trees are a little bit taller than the head and lying close together, so you just need to stand between the two aisles and pose to have extremely cute photos.

Video clip about Lonely Tree in the film Mac Biec. Source: Firefly Tours Vietnam

Selected as the setting for the movie Mat Biec will be an attractive opportunity to attract more tourists to Ha Cang village. If you are planning to go to Hue, do not forget this attractive destination.

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Từ khoá: Visiting Ha Cang Hue village to visit the “lonely tree”

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